Shipping and return policies for Gutter Gloss

Shipping Info
We tend to use USPS for our shipping needs. There's a post-office down the street from Babz's house that is pretty convenient. Depending on the item, it may be a simple matter of just taking it to the post-office or, for some of our apparel, we may need a day or two to screen-print a new one as needed.

If you're on the east-coast of the U.S.A., shipping usually only takes 1-2 business days. I can't say with certainty how much longer it takes for other regions of the U.S.A. or for other countries, but I can' t imagine it taking that much longer. If you are from another region or country, feel free to let us know when your package arrives so we can figure it out by tagging a picture of it with us or sending us a message!